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Electric Actuators Yearly Inspection and Maintenance Program

What we do and how we do it.

  1. Remove all covers and replace seals.
  2. Inspect inside of actuator and control head.
  3. Remove motor and inspect motor compartment and replace seal.
  4. Run actuator and check limits for open and close function test.
  5. Run actuator in remote from control panel function test.

Cost of seal kits and labor.

  1. The seal kits run from around $27.00 up to $165.00 each.
  2. The labor rate is $95.00 per hour.
  3. The amount of actuators per day run’s 6 to 10 unit’s depending on where they are installed could be more per day.

When you should do the PM’s for Electric actuators?

  1. If the actuator is outside or in a hot area inside it should have an inspection and have seals replaced yearly.
  2. If the actuator is inside in a warm or cool area it should have an inspection yearly and seals replaced every 2 years.

Why do PM’s on Electric actuators?

  1. The cost of parts for repairs like a motor starts around $900.00 and goes up.
  2. The cost of having a unit down when you really need it is $$$$.

What we need from you.

  1. The serial number off the actuator
  2. The size of actuator.
  3. The quantity of actuators needed done.

What we will do for you.

  1. We will put together a quote for the PM Service needed.
  2. We will put you on a yearly PM program and contact you each year.
  3. We will help you put together spare parts inventory to keep on hand at your site.