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Val-Matic Valve and Mfg. Corp. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of check valves, quarter turn shut off valves, air valves and foot valves for water/wastewater, industrial and building markets. Our valves are AWWA certified.

Singer Valve designs and manufactures automatic Control valves for the global water industry. Since 1957 our pilot operated diaphragm control valves have been installed on virtually every continent around the world.


Blackhall is an independent valve design and manufacturing organization based in the North of England. With a broad base of expertise, particularly within the water, power, oil and gas, and cryogenics industries, Blackhall is able to apply its innovation and experience into virtually any industry.

Onyx Valve Company is a leading manufacturer of pinch valves, check valves, and pressure sensor rings. All of our products and materials are manufactured and assembled right here in America.

ABZ Butterfly Valves come in a wide variety of sizes and functions. From general purpose to high performance pneumatic and electric, you will find that our valves withstand difficult fluid compositions and high-temperature applications.

Matco-Norca began in 1952 as the pioneer in sourcing valves. Since then, Matco-Norca has grown to be one of the largest independent sourcing companies that markets Matco-Norca branded fittings, pipe nipples, valves and plumbing specialties to wholesalers serving contractors and municipalities throughout the USA.

Bailey Valve is an industry-leading internationally distributed valve manufacturer, providing a broad range of valve solutions to meet any industrial and water application. Bailey Valve’s diverse offering of sleeve valves are designed in accordance with the needs and standards of each industry.

ORBINOX are present in more than 70 countries worldwide with over 45 years of experience designing, manufacturing and distributing knife gate valves, penstocks, dampers and valves for hydraulic works.

Williams Valve Corporation has produced high quality valves for industrial and commercial applications worldwide. Williams Valves are designed, manufactured and tested to meet and exceed all applicable specifications. Our goal is to furnish top quality valves at competitive prices and timely delivery.

AMERICAN VALVE is dedicated to providing dependable Plumbing Valves and services of the highest standards. For over 100 years, the American Valve brand has represented innovative research and Plumbing Valves built with confidence and quality.


Seguro valve was introduced to the market in 1972 and represents a well proven concept in gate valve design, it is unique in that the sealing of the gate valve is effected by a soft rubber seal, firmly secured by a special wedge. The Seguro is today manufactured in sizes up to 64” or 1600 mm.