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Our Mission

Our company provides professional and personnel care for the customer. We make sure we meet the customer needs and the job is done right the first time. We provide maintenance, repairs, calibration, removal and installation at your site. We offer emergency service as needed for our customers. We setup repairs and maintenance schedules to be done on site or in our shop to meet the task for our customers. You will receive fast turnaround and complete satisfaction. Our company works to the best of our abilities and knowledge. We work with strict work ethics and confidentiality for our customers in their industries. We look forward to meeting and working with new and repeat customers and establish a good business relationship.

Company History

Working for Fisher Control for 20 years. I worked for other service companies and established my own service company within the past 12 years. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about valves and actuators. I have a great customer base which is generated from repeat customers and referrals for new customers. I have done work in different types of industries working with several types of valves, actuators and instruments.

Repair and Replace

We provide repair work when needed either on-site or in our shop. If the actuator needs to be replaced, we provide options for replacement. We remove, replace and install actuators and valves. We work closely with the customer to provide options to replace or update old actuators. Our company provides automation to mount electric actuators on manual valves and gates.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

We do preventive maintenance on all electric actuators old or new. Preventive Maintenance helps us catch internal problems which could be critical to the actuator shutting down your system. We take the responsibility and worry out of keeping track when your annual scheduled PM’s are due. We help you put together spare parts inventory to keep on hand at your site. This will save you time and get you back running sooner. 

Types of actuators and valves we sell and service

                       Actuators                                                                                             Valves

                       Electric                                                                                                 Butterfly

                       Pneumatic                                                                                           Gates

                      Hydraulic                                                                                              Ball